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agenda - July 2018

Plenary - 02-Jul

Territorial Base Statistics - 03 Jul

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- Appraised
> Censuses 2021 - analysis of population variables
> Monitoring the degree of implementation of the recommendations of the (ex) WG Health Statistics
> Annual Report of the WG Labour Market Statistics - 2017
> Changing the composition of the WG Indicators of Social Inequalities
> Annual report of the National Statistical System 2017 and assessment of the implementation of the General Statistics Activity Official Lines 2013-2017
> Developments at European level on the potential of using Big Data sources for the production of official statistics
> Implementation of the Portugal 2020 context/outcome indicators systems

- For approval
> Request of confidential statistical data - Direção Geral das Autarquias Locais

- In development
> Reflection on the design and implementation of mechanisms to monitor the observance of the principles of the NSS with the Statistical Authorities

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