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Plenary - 1 | Sections - 3 | Working groups - 1

relevant subjects

- Censuses 2021 - analysis of population variables

- Portugal 2020 context/outcome indicator system - annual monitoring 

Analysis of the matrix proposals of indicators of social inequality in the areas of health, labour and employment (WG Social Inequalities Indicators) 

- Creation of a Working Group on indicators of competitiveness and productivity of the Portuguese economy (in development)

Reflection on the design and implementation of mechanisms to monitor the observance of the principles of the NSS with the Statistical Authorities

- Thematic and methodological presentations:  

     - «Use of Big Data sources for the production of official statistics» – Statistics Portugal

     - «Equipment and services of the Autonomous Region of the Azores» - SREA  

     - «Material Flow Accounts» - Statistics Portugal

    - «Survey on management practices 2017» –  Statistics Portugal

    - «Analysis of companies integrated in groups (2014-2016)» - Banco de Portugal

    -  «Regional Indicator of Economic Activity (Autonomous Region of Madeira)» - DREM 

approved documents

- Annual report of the National Statistical System 2017 and assessment of the implementation of the General Statistics Activity Official Lines 2013-2017 (Deliberation No 51 – Plenary)

- Authorised access to confidential statistical data following a request from the Direção-Geral das Autarquias Locais (Deliberation No 45 – SS Statistical Confidentiality)

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