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CSE-Logo   last quarter - OCTOBER/DECEMBER
Plenary - 2 | Sections - 5 | Working groups - 4

relevant subjects

- Monitoring the Work Program of the NSS | 2nd and 3rd Q2016

- Action Plan for compliance of the actions approved in the NSS Assessment Report 2012-2015 

Preparation of the Action Plans of the SS of Social and Economic Statistics | 2017-18 

WG Health Statistics - monitoring the compliance of recommendations 

Monitoring the SICAE - Information System of the Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities

- Revision of the NSS Law   

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

     - «LEI - Legal Entity Identifier and its implications for the statistics» - Banco de Portugal

     - «Website do CSE: new content and global reflection» - SC Secretariat

     - «Non-finantial corportarions' statistics for 2015» - Banco de Portugal

     - «Tourism in rural areas and lodging tourism Azores» - SREA

     - «Functional Urban Regions: national and european methoodologies. Preliminary results» - Statistics Portugal

     - «Azores intraregional development composite index 1980-2010» - SREA

     - «Ageing and demographic trend of the Autonomous Region of Madeira» - DREM

approved documents

- Work Program of National Statistcial System 2017 (44ª Deliberação - Plenário)  

- Authorised access to confidential statistical data following a request from Turismo de Portugal (37ª Deliberação - SP Segredo Estatístico)


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