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CSE-Logo   last quarter - APRIL/JUNE
Plenary - 0 | Sections - 8 | Working groups - 2

relevant subjects

- Censuses 2021 - analysis of population variables

- Monitoring the degree of implementation of the recommendations of the (ex) WG Health Statistics

- Annual Report of the WG Labour Market Statistics - 2017

- Annual Report of the WG Development of Macroeconomic Statistics – 2017

- Annual Report of the WG Economic and Social Classifications - 2017

- Quarterly monitoring of the Statistical Council and Statistical Authorities Activity Plan | 4Q2017; 1Q2018

Election of the Chairperson of the SS Statistical Coordination - Mª João Zilhão (Statistics Portugal)

- Thematic and methodological presentations:     

     - «Evolution of the Information System of the State Organization (SIOE) towards a "Single Report" for the public sector: an update on project development» - Direção Geral da Administração e do Emprego Público

     - «Assessment of the Single Report’s coverage» - Gabinete de Estratégia e Planeamento (MTSSS)  

     - «The Portuguese matched employer-employee dataset (Quadros de Pessoal) in the Academia» - Pedro Raposo

    - «Central Balance (Banco de Portugal) and integrated business accounts system (Statistics Portugal): a statistical data comparison of non-financial enterprises)» - Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos (M. Economia)

    - «Balance of Payments and international investment position statistics 2017» - Banco de Portugal 

     - «The tourism economic dimension and the need for new assessment indicators» - Confederação do Turismo Português

     - «Tourism Satellite Account – main results» - Statistics Portugal   


approved documents

- Alteration of the composition of the Working Group on Indicators of Social Inequalities (Deliberation No 9 - SS Social Statistics)

- Opinion on the draft proposal of Law recasting and extends the Information System of the State Organization (SIOE) (Deliberation No 59 – SS Statistical Coordination)   

- Opinion on the draft Decree-Law establishing the early warning mechanism, within the scope of the work of the mission structure for the capitalization of enterprises and its Capitalizar program (Deliberation No 58 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Annual report of the National Statistical System 2017 and assessment of the implementation of the General Statistics Activity Official Lines 2013-2017 (Recommendation No 41 – SS Statistical Coordination)

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