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relevant subjects

- Monitoring the Work Program of the NSS | 4Q2016

- Action Plan for compliance of the actions approved in the NSS Assessment Report 2012-2015 

Preparation of the Action Plans of the SS of Social and Economic Statistics | 2017-18 

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

     - «Analisys of enterprises in the manufacture of beverages sector» - Banco de Portugal

     - «What do the labour force survey results tell us about the labour market in Portugal in the last years?» - Statistics Portugal

     - «Public employment statistics: present and building the future » - Direção Geral da Administração e do Emprego Público

approved documents

- Revision of the National Statistical System Law – drat (Deliberation No 45 – plenary)  

- ISCED - Fields of Education and Training (ISCED-F 2013) - Portuguese version (Deliberation No 51 – SS Statistical Coordination) 

- ISCED 2011 - Portuguese version and application in the NSS (Deliberation No 52 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Concepts for statistical purposes: Education and Training (Deliberation No 53 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Creation of Technical Group: preparation of the General Guidelines of Official Statistical Activity 2018-2022 (Deliberation No 54 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Authorised acess to confidential statistical data following a request from the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (Deliberation No 38 – SS Statistical Confidentiality))

- Authorised acess to confidential statistical data following a request from the AICEP (Deliberation No 39 – SS Statistical Confidentiality)


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