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agenda - September 2019


Economic Statistics - 24 Sep
Statistical Confidentiality - 30 Sep

working groups
Social Inequalities Indicators - 30 Sep

relevant subject

- For appraisal
> Activity Report 2018 of the Working Group on the Development of Macroeconomic Statistics

- In development
> Preparation of the 2019-2022 Action Plans of SS of Social Statistics and SS of Economic Statistics
> Preparation of the Workshop on Social Inequality Indicators, organized by the respective Working Group
> Design and implementation of mechanisms to ensure compliance with the fundamental principles of the National Statistical System - selection phase of indicators to be monitored
> Beginning of the preparation of the preliminary draft CSE 2020 Activity Plan

- Cessation of duties
. Maria da Luz Mendes

- Cessation of duties
. Gra├ža Torres
DG Energy and Geology

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