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This area provides a set of information regarding the operation of the Statistical Council, between 1990 and 2008 - the date on which entered into force the laws governing the National Statistical System (Law No 22/2008 of 13 May), and it was revoked Law No 6/1989 of 15 April).

In addition to legislation and documents approved by the different Statistical Council structures - deliberations, recommendations, decisions and reports - can also be found available information relating to the Standing, Ad-hoc and Regional Sections, as well as the Working Groups that have worked in that period - powers, composition, presidency, relevant documents and the link between the sections and the respective Working Groups.

Information concerning Sections and Working Groups is not limited, however, for the period 1990-2008, as it will be also available in this area data on the Council structures that have ceased activity after that date or that will complete their work in the future. This information will be therefore continuously updated.

It is also available the identification of the members of the Statistical Council since 1990, representing different entities.

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