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CSE-Logo   Working Group on Social Inequality Indicators [2017 - 2023]
Chairperson: Renato do Carmo
>  Powers:

a) To identify relevant dimensions of social inequalities considering their multidimensional, cumulative and systemic nature, in order to contribute to an informed public debate and to the definition and application of public policies, whenever possible in the national context of Agenda 2030 and its goals;

b) To identify a set of benchmarks associated with each of the dimensions identified, which should be defined in a comprehensive, though not necessarily exhaustive, way, including breakdowns/differentiations by relevant socio-demographic and socio-economic groups. Income, wealth, work and employment, access to public services and the effects of such access should be considered (health, education, housing, culture, energy, and sanitation infrastructure and others), taxation, the practices of citizenship and collective action;

c) To make available the definition of each indicator, identifying the sources of information and the time, theme and territorial scopes;

d) To present an exercise of quantification of the indicators for a specific period;

e) To present proposals intended to cope with future needs of additional information coverage, including sources and access viability.

>  Composition:


- Statistics Portugal (INE, IP)

- Statistics Azores (SREA)

- Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM) 

- Office of Strategy and Planning (GEP/MTSSS)

- Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG/PCM)

- Planning, Evaluation, Strategy and International Relations Office (GPEARI/MF)

- DECO – Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection

- General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP)

- General Union of Workers (UGT)

- Business Confederations (a maximum of two representatives elected by agreement amongst those represented in the Statistical Council)

- Gustavo Cardoso, PhD

- José Pereirinha, PhD

- Renato do Carmo, PhD


It is intended that the WG should function in a participatory and effective manner and that it should have a core dimension that should be broadened whenever more specific matters are addressed. In this context, the Working Group may also invite entities or experts on relevant issues to analyze specific aspects of its mandate

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