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CSE-Logo   Working Group for the creation of a Single File for the National Statistical System
Chairperson: Jorge Magalhães
Statistics Portugal
>  Powers:

a. To update the needs of the NSS entities at the level of the Single File and the contributions of each entity for the creation and maintenance of that File.
b. To define, within the framework of national and international standards, the features that must be observed in the creation of the Single File according to listed need, responsabilities to be assumed by the different participating entities and the respective uses, particularly at the level of background information collection and treatment.
c. To analyse the feasibility of creating at the statistical and administrative level a single identification number for local units, that will allow for an automated updating of this level's registers in the statistical units file, with data from the different NSS entities, in particular from adimistrative acts.
d. To outline the system's implementation plan, particularly in terms of the use of a computer platform of common use and the automation of data update and access circuits according to pre-defined rules and data quality criteria.  
e. To define action lines and the respective timeline for implementation, with a view to having a first version of a Single File in operation by 31 December 2011.
f. To monitor the smooth functioning of the Single File, promoting links among all participating entities and relevant improvements.

>  Composition:

• Statistics Portugal
• Banco de Portugal
• Regional Statistical Office of Azores
• Regional Directorate of Statistics Madeira
• Official statistics producers by delegation of Statistics Portugal:
• Directorate General for Justice Policy
• Directorate General of Fisheries and Aquaculture
• Statistics and Planning Education Office
• Office for Strategy and Planning
• Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations
• Knowledge Society Agency - UMIC
• Directorate General for Energy and Geology   

Other entities intervening in official statistical production
• Directorate General of Health
• Institute for Informatics and Statistics
• Portuguese Tourism Institute
• Planning and Policies Office

Other entities with a relevant activity for the Single File management
• Institute for Registries and Notaries
• Directorate General for Informatics and Assistance to Taxation and Custom Services 
• Directorate-General for Taxes
• Office for Planning, Strategy and Evaluation
• Directorate General of Economic Activities
• Office for Strategic Studies 

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