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CSE-Logo   Working Group on Competitiveness and Productivity Indicators of the Portuguese Economy [2018 - 2022]
Chairperson: João Amador
Banco de Portugal
>  Powers:

a) To reflect on and thus identify the relevant dimensions for the definition of comprehensive indicators of competitiveness and productivity of the Portuguese economy, considering their macroeconomic and microeconomic nature, with the aim of contributing to informed public debate, as well as to decision making at the various levels of intervention;

b) To identify a set of reference indicators associated with each one of the identified dimensions;

c) Discuss methodologically and conceptually the concepts for systematization of information and discuss how to disseminate information;

d) To present the definition of each one of the indicators, identifying the sources of information, the degree of coverage and the most relevant metadata elements;

e) To present proposals in case eventual needs of additional information coverage arise including sources and access viability.

>  Composition:


- Statistics Portugal (INE, IP) 

- Banco de Portugal (the Portuguese Central Bank)

- Ministry of Economy 

- Ministry of Finance 

- Portuguese Tourism Confederation

- Portuguese Trade and Services Confederation

- General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP)

- Francesco Franco, PhD

- Other representatives from the Academy


It is intended that the working group should benefit from effective participation, broaden to third parties whenever more specific matters are to be discussed. Under this context, when analyzing specific matters related to its mandate, the working group might invite entities or experts on pressing issues

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