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Logotipo CSE  Ad-hoc section for the Revision of the Law of the NSS

Chairperson: Fernando Marques

>  Powers:
To put forward a program and timeline for the preparatory work for the revision of the NSS Law by 28 September 2012, to be approved by Council members through a written procedure;
To submit to the plenary session as its meeting in July 2013 a preliminary draft law to revise the Law governing the National Statistical System envisaging, inter alia (i) a new chairmanship model for the Council and (ii) enhanced management independence and autonomy for Statistics Portugal (in addition to technical independence as already provided for), and the corresponding accountability, increasingly enabling these structures to fulfil their tasks and observe the principles enshrined in the EC Regulation on European statistics, the Law governing the National Statistical System and the European Statistics Code of Practice.
>  Composition:

Core group:

Statistics Portugal, in liaison with entities with delegated powers
Banco de Portugal
Portuguese Data Protection Authority
General Confederation of Portuguese Workers


For matters related to the Autonomous Regions
Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira
Regional Statistical Office of Azores

For specific matters following a decision by the Section

Other related members, entities or persons invited
>  Relevant documents:


Deliberation No 32 - plenary: program and timetable for the revision of NSS Law 

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