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CSE-Logo   Working Group on Labour Market Statistics

Chairperson: Fernanda Teixeira
>  Powers
  1. To assess the available information sources as regards their adequateness for the production of the statistics on accidents at work, notably as regards compliance to Commission Regulation (EU) No 349/2011, of April 2011 and submit recommendations that may contribute to improve the coverage of this statistical information que possam concorrer para a melhoria de cobertura desta informação estatística, particularly to the public sector (CAE-Rev-3 sectors O, P and Q).
  2. To assess whether the Information System on the Organisation of the State (portuguese acronym SIOE) makes it possible to ensure quality and statistical coverage for the public sector as far as labour market statistics are concerned, and submit recommendations on the necessary conditions for its evolution into a public sector "Public Report".
  3. To list and analyse the pertinent administrative sources, notably in the context of compliance with obligations regarding social security and tax authorities, aiming at making available data for a regular characterisation of workers without a contract (the so-called workers on "green-receipts") .
  4. To analyse the "Single Report" results, from the viewpoint of coverage, consistance and release schedule.
  5. To identify the information available on absenteeism and analyse its conformity with user needs.
  6. To monitor the Labour Force Survey on a regular basis, as regards quarterly information, monthly unemployment rates and the preparation of ad-hoc modules.
  7. To issue an opinion on methodological changes to labour market' statistical operations.  
  8. To issue an opinion on new information needs and the deepening of already existing information, taking into consideration the available sources and efficient ways of obtaining it.
  9. To monitor the implementation of decisions made at the International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS), held in late 2013 within the scope of the International Labour Organization.  
>  Composition
  • Statistics Portugal
  • Banco de Portugal
  • Office for Strategy And Studies (Ministry of Economy and Employment) untill integration of powers of the labour statistics area into the Office for Studies and Planning of the Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security 
  • Office for Studies and Planning of the Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security
  • Directorate-General for the Administration and Public Employment of the Ministry of Finance 
  • Authority for Labour Conditions
  • Social Security Institute
  • Employment and Professional Training Institute
  • Council of Portuguese University Rectors
  • General Confederation of Portuguese Workers
  • General Workers' Trade Union
  • Confederation of Trade and Services of Portugal
  • Confederation of Portuguese Industry 
  • Tax and Custom Authority - for analysys of sub-paragraph (c) of the mandate 
  • Regional Service of Statistics of Açores - for analysys of sub-paragraphs (b and d) of the mandate  
  • Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira - for analysys of sub-paragraphs (b and d) of the mandate 
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