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CSE-Logo   Working Group for the National Classification of Occupations (CNP)

Chairperson: H. Saraiva Aguiar
Statistics Portugal
>  Powers
  1. To examine doubts and their interpretation for the coordinated impelmentation of the National Classification of Occupations/94;
  2. To monitor and approve the revision works developed by the National Classification of Occupations/94 ;
  3. To examine technical proposals and define directives for the coordinated management and development of the new National Classification of Occupations
  4. To issue an opinion on new classifications of occupations to be developed at the national and international level
  5. To prepare proposals for changes to or harmonisation of Community and United Nations classifications of occupations

>  Composition
Entities with permanent representation

  • Statistics Portugal
  • Strategy and Planning Office (Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity)
  • Employment and Vocacional Training Institute (Portuguese acronym: IEFP, I.P.)
  • Directorate General of Employment and Labour Relations (Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity)
  • Employer's Confederations
  • Union Confederations

Entities providing pontual collaboration

  • A panel of collaborators, to be defined a posteriori by the WG, particularly involving unions and sector associations, pursuant to Article 4 of the Internal Regulation of the Statistical Council

>  Documents

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