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CSE-Logo   Ad-Hoc Section for monitoring 2021 Censuses
Presidente: José Pereirinha
Vice-presidente: João Marques
>  Competência:

a. To draft the respective activity programme in accordance with the 2021 Census Action Plan drafted by Statistics Portugal;
b. To appraise, under Article 14 of Law 22/2008, of 13 May 2008, the draft legislation that shall govern the 2021 Census;
c. To monitor the setting-out of the variables to be observed in the 2021 Census, in accordance with the Action Plan prepared by Statistics Portugal;
d. To monitor the preparation, execution, computation and assessment of the 2021 Census;
e. To appraise the final assessment report of the 2021 Census, to be drafted by Statistics Portugal within the 12 months following the release of the final results, which shall include assessment of the quality of the two operations.

>  Composição:

Permanent members (Council members):
• Statistics Portugal
• Regional Statistical Office of Azores
• Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira
• Portuguese Sata Prtotection Authority
• Presidency of Council of Ministers
• Confederation of Portuguese Business - CIP
• General Confederation of Portuguese Workers - CGTP
• General Union of Workers - UGT
• National Association of Portuguese Municipalities
• Portuguese Consumer Protection Association - DECO
• Gustavo Cardoso
• Maria João Valente Rosa
• José Cadima Ribeiro
• José António Correia Pereirinha


Invited entities:
• National Association of Communes - ANAFRE


Non permanent members:
• Public entities without representation in the Council may be called to participate in the Section's activities, in the line with their areas of expertise 
• For analysing issues of particular specifity, relevance and technicality, specialized entities or experts may be asked to collaborate and give their technical and scientific support

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