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CSE-Logo   statistical authority - Article 4 of the Law No 22/2008, of 13 May

1 – Statistical authorities, within the scope of their activities, may require of all services or bodies, individuals and enterprises obligatorily and free of charge, the provision of information deemed necessary to produce official statistics. They may also establish the collection of  statistically relevant data, although with no bearing on the specific activity of reporting entities.

2 – The provisions of the foregoing paragraph shall prevail over possible limitations or obligations of secrecy included in special regimes; for all purposes, the use of administrative records for official statistical purposes shall be considered one of the key objectives of their collection.

3 – The provisions of paragraph 1 shall not apply to data subject to security classification, State secret, investigation secrecy, data kept in the data centres of the Portuguese Republic information system' s services, genetic or personal data on philosophical or political convictions, party or trade union membership, religious beliefs, private life and racial or ethnic origin and personal data concerning health or sex life.

4 – Data subjects shall be informed on the intended purposes for the collected data, the compulsory or optional nature of responses, the consequences of non-response, on how they can access and correct data, as well as protection measures adopted to ensure the confidentiality of the collected data.

5 – Information requirements may be waived should they prove impossible or imply disproportionate efforts.


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