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CSE-Logo   last quarter - OCTOBER/DECEMBER
Plenary - 0 | Sections - 5 | Working groups - 6

relevant subjects

- Action Plans of SS Social Statistics and SS Economic Statistic 2019-2022

- Deliberation No 38 of the SS Statistical Coordination on the SICAE - Application Assessment by the WG on Economic and Social Classifications

Monitoring compliance with NSS fundamental principles - definition of indicators and reporting model of indicators

- Definition of the methodology for preparing the 2017-2019 NSS State Assessment Report

Biannual monitoring of activities of statistical authorities: timeliness and accessibility to official statistics - 1S2019 

- Websites of the Statistical Authorities – developments (Statistics Portugal, Banco de Portugal, DGPJ, GEP, DREM e SREA)

Quarterly monitoring of the activities of Statistical Council – 2nd and 3rd Q2019

Thematic and methodological presentations:

     - «Statistical literacy: measure to improve» - Maria João Valente Rosa

     - «The new Law that ensures the execution of the GDPR in the Portuguese territory: impact on statistics» - Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados

     - «Analysis of loans granted to households by the resident financial sector» - Banco de Portugal

    - «House rental statistics at local level» - Statistics Portugal  

    - «Research & development: main indicators by region» - DGEEC  

    - «Relationship between the student’s municipality of residence and the higher education institution where he/she is enrolled» - DGEEC

     - «Demographic changes and labour supply in Portugal» - Banco de Portugal

     - «Cohesion & Development Report 2018» - Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão   

     - «Identifying agricultural areas facing significant natural constrains, other than mountain areas. (Implementation of art. 32 (3) of regulation EU No 1305/2013 on support for rural development)» - Ministry of Agriculturas




approved documents

- Update of ISO Alpha 2 – Nomenclature of Countries to be used within the scope of the National Statistical System (Deliberation No 66 – SS Statistical Coordination) 

- Approval of updates to the Administrative Area Code be used within the scope of the National Statistical System (Deliberation No 65 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Authorized access to confidential statistical data following a request from the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (Deliberation No 50 – SS Statistical Confidentiality)

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