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relevant subjects

- SS Economic and SS Social Statistica - reflection 2019-2022

- Portugal 2020 context/outocome indicator system – annual report

Monitoring the degree of implementation of the recommendations of the (ex) WG Health Statistics

- WG Competitiveness and Productivity Indicators of the Portuguese Economy - Schedule for compliance with the paragraph a) of the mandate

Agricultural Census 2019 - information

- Protocol signed between Statistics Portugal, Turismo de Portugal e Banco de Portugal - information

- WG Macroeconomic Statistics - Annual Report 2018

- Thematic and methodological presentations:  

     - «Main decisions of the 19th International Conference of Labor Statisticians» – GEP/MTSSS

     - «The 19th International Conference of Labor Market Statisticians. Resolution concerning statistics of work, employment and labor underutilization» - Statistics Portugal  

     - «Balance of Payments and international investment position: 2018 main results» - Banco de Portugal

    - «Migrant remittances Statistics» – Banco de Portugal 

    - «Survey on Income and Living Conditions (ICOR) 2018. Regional estimates of poverty or social exclusion» - Statistics Portugal

    - «Integration of administrative data into regional statistical production - Azores» - SREA 

     - «Regional operation programme Lisbon 2020 indicators» – CCDR LVT

     - «Context indicators of the Norte region of Portugal during the implementation of Portugal 2020» - CCDR Norte   

     - «The implementation of Portugal 2020: Algarve region» - CCDR Algarve

    - «Implementation of Portugal 2020 in Centro region» – CCDR Centro

    - «Inquérito aos residentes sobre Turismo» - SREA   

    - «A nova série das Contas Nacionais (base 2016)» - Statistics Portugal   

    - «As novas séries de Contas Nacionais Financeiras e das Estatísticas Externas» - Banco de Portugal 


approved documents

- Report of the WG on Labor Market Statistics on the survey of information needs in the area of Labor Market Statistics (Deliberation No 10 -SS Social Statistics)

- Update to the composition of the WG Indicators of Social Inequalities (Deliberation No 11- SS Social Statistics)

Authorised access to confidential statistical data following a request from IAPMEI (Deliberation No 49 - SS Statistical Confidentiality)

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