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CSE-Logo   last quarter - JANUARY/MARCH
Plenary - 0 | Sections - 3 | Working groups - 4

relevant subjects

- Census 2021 - analysis of the content proposal to be observed

- Principles of the NSS - monitoring indicators 

- Quarterly monitoring of the Statistical Council and Statistical Authorities Activity Plan (punctuality and accessibility)|4Q2018

- Accessibility indicators to official statistics - decision on reporting deadlines  

- Sections Work Programs | 2019

- Activities Report of rhe WG Macroeconomic Statistics - 2018 (conclusion)     

- WG Labour Market Statistics Report - survey of user needs (conclusion)  

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

     - «Tourism Satellite Account – Main Results». Statistics Portugal

     - «Exportações de Turismo: desenvolvimentos recentes e perspetivas futuras» - Banco de Portugal


approved documents

- National Classification of Goods and Services 2016 (Deliberation No 63 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Alteration of the composition of the Working Group of Economic and Social Classifications  (Deliberation No 62 – SS Statistical Coordination)

- Authorised access to confidential statistical data following a request from the Instituto do Turismo de Portugal, IP (Deliberation No 48 – SS Statistical Confidentiality)

- Authorised access to confidential statistical data following a request from the Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal, E.P.E. (Deliberation No 47 – SS Statistical Confidentiality)

- Opinion on the draft Decree-Law that establishes the legal regime of institutions dedicated to research and development and defines the general principles of evaluation, financing, valorization, access and dissemination of knowledge and statistical observation of the National Science System and Technology (Deliberation No 61 – SS Statistical Coordination)


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