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CSE-Logo   last quarter - APRIL/JUNE
Plenary - 0 | Sections - 4 | Working groups - 5

relevant subjects

- Statistical Council Sections - Work Programs 2022  

- 2021 Statistical Council Activity Report (draft)

- Appreciation of the 2021 reporting model of monitoring compliance with the fundamental principles of NSS by the Statistical Authorities (draft)

- Summary of Statistical Activity of the National Statistical System 2021 (draft)

- Preparation General Guidelines of the Official Statistical Activity 2023-2027

- Appreciation of the 2021 Activity Report of Labor Market WG

- Monitoring the results of the Pilot Survey on Conditions, Origins and Trajectories, a project under development by Statistics Portugal

- Activity Reports of Statistical Authorities 2021 (draft)

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

    - Territorial Cohesion and Social Services of General Interest. Statistics Portugal

    - The COVID 19 impact on companies in 2020. CCDR-N

    - Development and production of social statistics with administrative data-status and future expectations restraints and difficulties. Statistics Portugal

    - Climate changes and Economy. Banco de Portugal

    - The New Direct Investiment Statistics by Final Investor. Banco de Portugal

approved documents

- Change in the composition of the Labor Market Working Group (Deliberation Nº 14 SS Social Statistics)

- Annual Report of the Statistical System 2021 (Recommendation Nº 52 SS Coordination)

- Reporting model of monitoring indicators of compliance with the fundamental principles of Law cointaned in NSS - 2021 (Recommendation Nº 53 SS Coordination)

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