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CSE-Logo   last quarter - JANUARY/MARCH
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relevant subjects

- Review of the SS Statistical Coordination monitoring documents and preparation of a model for monitoring the degree of implementation of the LGAEO 2023-2027 within the RPD working group

- Review of the TIPAU 2014 within the Rev. TIPAU 2014 working group

- Quarterly monitoring of the Statistical Council Activity Plan - 4th quarter 2023

- Preparation of the Preliminary draft - Statistical Council Activity Report 2023 

- Preparation of Section Work Plans

approved documents

- Authorized access to confidential data following a request from the Instituto do Turismo de Portugal, IP (67ª Deliberação - SP Segredo Estatístico)

- Update, for satatistical purposes, the "Table of Recorded Crimes" (71ª Deliberação - SP Coordenação Estatística)


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