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relevant subjects

- Quarterly monitoring of the Statistical Council Activity Plan - 4Q 2022

- Semiannual monitoring of the  Statistical Authorities: timeliness and accessibility to official statistics - 2 semester 2022

- Activity Report 2022 of the Economic and Social Classifications Working Group

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

     - Statistics Portugal External Relations and relevant developments. Statistics Portugal

     - STATFLIX: An Original Series by BdP. Banco de Portugal


approved documents

- Authorised access to confidential statistical data following a request from the Instituto do Turismo de Portugal, IP (Deliberation 63 - SS Statistical Confidentialy)

- Creation of a Working Group for reflection and preparation of follow-up documents for the Section and definition of a model for evaluation of the General Guidelines of Official Statistics Activity 2023-2027 (Deliberation 69 - SS Statistical Coordination)

- Final Report of the Working Group on Social Inequalities Indicators

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