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relevant subjects

- Annual monitoring of the degree of implementation of the Portugal 2020 context/result indicators system

- Annual monitoring of the degree of implementation of the recomendations of the (extinct) WG Health Statistics

- Action Plan to follow up on the 2017-2019 RAESEN recomendations 

- Review of SS Econimic Statistics and Social Statistics Work Plans 2019-2022

- Quarterly monitoring of Statistical Council - 3Q2021

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

     - Experimental use of e-invoice information to picture the different dynamics of economic activity at regional level in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics Portugal

     - Indicators of immigrant integration: the observatory for migration annual statistical reports. Observatório das Migrações

     - Methodological approach to monitoring the sustainability of the Algarve region: from the sustainable development indicator system to the sustainable development goals. CCDR Algarve  

     - Annual National Accounts 2019 final and 2020 provisional. Statistics Portugal

    -  Unveiling the real contribution of final demand to GDP GROWTH. Banco de Portugal 

    -  DIGICOM (Digital communication. User analytics and Innovative products). Results of a European project and the challenges for the European Statistical System. Statistics Portugal

approved documents

- Update in the composition of the WG Labour Market Statistics (Deliberation No 12 SS Social Statistics)

- Administrative sources relevant to the provision of information self employment (Deliberation No 13 SS Social Statistics)

- Request of confidential statistical data - Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (Deliberation No 56 SS Statistical Confidentiality)

- Creation of a Working Group to prepare the General Guidelines for Official Statistical Activity 2023-2027, and respective priorities. Definition of the document preparation schedule (Deliberation No 68 SS Coordination)

- Work Program for the National Statistical System 2021 (Deliberation No 62 Plenary

- Authorized access to confidential statistical data following a request from the IAPMEI - Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação I.P. (Deliberation No 57 SS Statistical Confidentiality)

- Operational Struture of the Superior Council for Statistics 2022 (written procedure in progress) 

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