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CSE-Logo   last quarter - JULY/SEPTEMBER
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relevant subjects

- Approval by the Plenary the 2021 Council Activity Report

- Favourable opinion declared by the Plenary on the Statistical Authorities 2021 Activity Reports; 

- OSAG 2023-2027 preliminary projects appreciation, and OSAG 2018-2022 execution degree assessment by the Statistical Coordination;

- 2023 Statistical Council Activity Plan preparation;

- Thematic and methodological presentations:

  - ICOR/EU-SILC (Survey on Living Conditions and Income): Discussion on potentials and limitations of this source of information at the regional scale - CCDRC

  - Status point on the “i-Território” project – Directorate General for the Territory

  -Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - NSI

approved documents

- Approval of the Statistical Council Internal Regulations - 2022 revision (Deliberation 64th - Statistical Council)

- Approval of the 2021 National Statistical System Summary of Statistical Activity (Deliberation 65th - Statistical Council)

- Monitoring compliance with the Fundamental Principles of the National Statistical System by the Statistical Authorities - 2021 (Deliberation 66th - Statistical Council)

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