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CSE-Logo   last quarter - JULY/SEPTEMBER
Plenary - 1 | Sections - 1 | Working groups - 2

relevant subjects

- Approval of the Council's Activity Report for 2022  

- Delivers a favourable opinion on the 2022 Activity Reports of the Statistical Authorities  

- Favourable assessment of the degree of implementation of the LGAEO 2018-2022  

- Preparation of Statistical Council draft Activity Plan 2024

- Favourable assessment of the monitoring of the Statistical Authorities compliance with the NSS Fundamental Principles 2022

- Preparation of the initiatives/actions to be taken to realise the LGAEO 2023-2027 within the Sections

- Continuation of the work of the Working Group to prepare the SS Statistical Coordination monitoring documents and the model for monitoring the degree of implementation of the LGAEO 2023-2027

- Thematic and methodological presentations:  

     - System of Productivity and Growth Accounts - methodology and main results. Statistics Portugal

     - Indicators for monitoring the evolution of mortgage lending. BdP

     - Sequence of general government accounts (non-financial and financial) and public debt in 2022. Statistics Portugal and BdP 


approved documents

- NSS Activity Report 2022 and, Assessment of the Degree of Implementation of the LGAEO 2018-2022 (Deliberation 69 - plenary)

- Monitoring the Compliance of Statistical Authorities with the Fundamental Principles of the National Statistical System - 2022 (Deliberation 70 - plenary)

- Authorized access to confidential statistical data following a request from the AICEP, E.P.E. - 2021 (64ª Deliberação - SP Segredo Estatístico)


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